These statistics plots are very cute (p<0.05)

My god, this was a long day… so I was happy to see this plot in my feeds (hat tip to Dave Giles):

The author is the great William S. Gosset (also known as “Student”), a true inspiration for us statisticians and data scientist, because he continued to do important scientific discoveries after he left academia for industry.

In fact, his brilliant mind manifested also in his choice of industry: he became a proto-data scientist for the Guinness Brewery!

No. Actually I was thinking about how to tell, whether the means of these two distributions are significantly different.

The platypus and kangaroo plot reminded me of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s drawing of boa constrictor eating an elephant. Turns out that the intersection of Exupéry and statistics is a non-empty set:


Exupéry illustrates the collapse of retirement funding in an aging population.

And finally – puppies! The cutest textbook cover award goes of course to the excellent Doing Bayesian Data Analysis by John Kruschke.

Puppies! No matter how cute the frequentist are, bayesian are winning also the cuteness competition.